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Water bills to be cut by an average of £50 over the next five years

Consumers will see their water bills cut by an average of £50 over the next five years, under plans unveiled by the water regulator today.

Ofwat says its latest five-year price review will see £12 billion invested over and above usual spending, and that firms must provide better services at the same time as cutting water bills.

Firms must reduce bills by an average of £50 before inflation between 2020 and 2025, meaning consumers will in theory save an average of £10/year, starting next April.

Ofwat has also set firms other targets, including:

  • Cutting pollution incidents by more than a third.
  • Reducing supply interruptions by almost two-thirds.
  • Helping 1.5 million customers who are struggling to pay their bills.
  • Cutting leaks to save water equivalent to the needs of the population of Manchester, Leeds, Leicester and Cardiff.

See Cut your water bills for ways to prevent your cash going down the plughole. 

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