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Netflix gets rid of its 30-day free trials

Streaming heavyweight Netflix has got rid of the 30-day free trial period it offers to new customers, can reveal.

Until as recently as last week, the company offered customers a month of the service for free before they had to start paying for it. It would then remind the customer three days before the trial ended.

But now, information about the free trial has been removed from Netflix's website and it told us that while customers who have already started free trials would be able to continue them, no UK customers would be offered free trials in the future.

It also said that it would be testing other marketing promotions, but couldn't give us any further details.

For ways to cut your bill, see our Netflix Hacks guide.

The screenshots above show how Netflix's sign-up page has changed. The one on the left is the old page, the one on the right is the new page.

What hacks are there for getting Netflix for cheaper?

If you sign up for Netflix now as a new customer, you'll start being charged immediately. However, there are various hacks that can help cut your bill.

Some examples include:

  • Do you really need more than the basic plan? There are different tiers of membership and you can save up to £72/year by moving to Netflix's £5.99/month basic package.

  • Don't pay for more than one subscription in a household. As Netflix lets you share your plan with anyone in your home, and its standard and premium plans allow multiple people to watch different content on different devices at the same time, it's almost NEVER worth paying for more than one subscription in the same household. You're usually better off getting a more expensive plan and splitting the cost.

  • Got Sky Q? It's sometimes cheaper to subscribe to Netflix via Sky.

See more details on these hacks, and further tips in our Netflix Hacks guide.

What does Netflix say?

The changes were first flagged to MoneySavingExpert by insights agency FDM.

When we contacted Netflix about the changes, it said: "We're looking at different marketing promotions in the UK to attract new members and give them a great Netflix experience."

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