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PayPal to introduce £9 a year fee for 'inactive' accounts – act now to dodge it

PayPal is set to introduce an annual fee of up to £12 for users whose accounts have been inactive for a year or more - but you can avoid the charge by logging into your account before the deadline in December

7 December 2020

Nationwide to scrap cashback on its credit cards

Over a million Nationwide credit card holders will lose their 0.25% cashback deal in December, as the building society is scrapping this perk for its Select and Cash Reward cards

30 October 2020

Barclaycard gives rebates to 1,000s of customers after it 'may have' set their credit limits too high

Thousands of Barclaycard customers will receive rebates of £230 on average, after the firm admitted it had failed to meet "expected standards" for assessing some customers and "may have" set their credit limit too high

30 October 2020

Utilita to pay £500,000 for overcharging its customers

Energy firm Utilita has agreed to pay a redress package of £500,000 after overcharging almost 40,000 of its prepayment customers

29 October 2020

Experian faces enforcement action after data watchdog investigation

Credit reference agency Experian has been ordered to make changes to how it handles people’s personal data in its direct marketing services

28 October 2020

Sainsbury's Nectar 'double-up' promo back again – what you need to know

The Nectar 'double-up' event is returning for another year

27 October 2020

Martin Lewis: 'Big cut in universal credit for many self-employed coming on 13 November – contact your MP if hit'

MSE founder Martin Lewis has warned of the "sinkhole" waiting for many self-employed people in November, when the planned return of the universal credit "minimum income floor" rule could slash payments, as they'll be assumed to have more income than they do

27 October 2020

Ratesetter customers waiting months to access their cash

Some investors with peer-to-peer lender Ratesetter are still waiting for their cash over seven months after trying to withdraw their investments, with 1,000s in virtual queues to access their money

27 October 2020

Mobile firms to be banned from selling 'locked' phones

Mobile companies will be banned from selling 'locked' phones which only work with their network, under new rules coming into force at the end of next year

27 October 2020