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Millions of BT landline customers could be in line for up to £500 if a new class action case is successful

BT is facing a £600 million class action case amid claims some 2.3 million customers have been overcharged for their landline since October 2015.

16 January 2024

How to set a contactless card spending cap to avoid the new £100 limit

The contactless card payment limit is rising from £45 to £100 on 15 October. But Bank of Scotland, Halifax, Lloyds and Starling will let you set your own limit, and others plan to do the same in future. Some providers will also let you turn off contactless completely. Here's what you need to know.

2 December 2021

Energy firm gone bust? How your new firm and tariff stacks up

Nine energy suppliers have gone bust in recent weeks, including Igloo, Symbio, Avro and People's Energy, leaving over 1.7 million energy customers needing a new supplier.

25 October 2021

Igloo Energy, Symbio Energy and Enstroga cease trading – here's what it means for your gas and electricity

If you're a customer of these failed firms, your energy supply will continue and credit balances are protected. But DON'T switch now – sit tight and wait until your new supplier has contacted you.

4 October 2021

Halifax and Bank of Scotland awarded 'Mental Health Accessible' accreditation as they improve services for vulnerable customers

The Money and Mental Health Policy Institute has awarded Halifax and Bank of Scotland its 'Mental Health Accessible' accreditation for businesses.

29 September 2021

Virgin Media broadband customers will be able to switch more easily from 2023

Virgin Media broadband customers, as well as those on other non-copper networks, will be able to switch more easily from April 2023 using new 'one touch switching' rules that will be brought in by telecoms regulator Ofcom.

28 September 2021

Need to call your bank? Many can now dial 159 for safety

If you're worried you've been contacted by a suspicious number claiming to be your bank you can now call '159' from your landline or mobile, which guarantees you a secure line with your bank to verify the original phone call. It's part of a UK-wide initiative launched by industry group Stop Scams UK and non-profit organisation Global Cyber Alliance.

28 September 2021

TalkTalk launches free broadband for six months for jobseekers – here's how to sign up

Jobseekers may be able to get six months' worth of free broadband from TalkTalk under a new partnership with the Government and Jobcentre Plus.

28 September 2021

Nectar card-holders could save '£200/year' by downloading the Sainsbury's SmartShop app

Nectar card-holders can now get personalised discounts of up to 30% off certain items in their Sainsbury's shop when they use its 'scan and go' service in store. But you can't currently get the offers when you shop online at the supermarket.

28 September 2021

Martin: Student loan costs may rise £400/yr

Martin Lewis has AGAIN warned the Government against possible retrospective changes to the terms and conditions of existing student loan contracts. In a new video, the founder responds to reports of a possible shake-up to student loans, which could see the earnings threshold you start repaying at cut, costing many £400/yr more.

27 September 2021