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Sainsbury's Bank wrongly charges credit card customers late payment fees - check if you're due a refund

Sainsbury’s Bank has apologised after credit card customers were charged late payment fees despite making their monthly payments on time. Sainsbury’s says affected customers will be refunded automatically but it is worth checking to see if you’ve been wrongly charged and contacting the bank if you don't hear anything. 

Impacted customers report being charged a £12 late payment fee when their monthly payment, due on 3 January, was taken a day later due to that day being a Bank Holiday. It isn't clear if all customers affected are those whose payments were due on that day or if credit card holders with payments due on other dates were also impacted. 

Sainsbury's added that while the issue is still being investigated, no further customers will be wrongly charged. It says a "small number of customers" are affected. We're working with Sainsbury's Bank to get a better understanding of what's happened and who was wrongly charged and we'll update this story when we know more. 

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Check your statements to see if you've been charged by mistake

Sainsbury's confirmed that customers who have been charged the £12 fee by mistake will be contacted and refunded automatically.

However, a (MSE) user said that Sainsbury's Bank told them it would only refund customers who contacted the bank first, so it is important to check your statements.

Their email to MSE read: "The person I spoke to at Sainsbury's Credit Card earlier today stated that they were aware of the problem, an incident had been created and they were refunding customers as they made contact. Surely this should be an automatic refund to all those affected?"

If you're a Sainsbury's Bank credit card customer, check your statements to see if you have been charged £12 by mistake. You can check your statement via online banking or through the Sainsbury's Bank Credit Card app. If you have been wrongly charged, you can contact Sainsbury's Bank on 0808 540 5060.

What does Sainsbury's Bank say?

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s Bank said: “We are investigating a small number of customers who have been charged late payment fees incorrectly. We’re sorry for the inconvenience this may cause and are automatically refunding customers to put this right.”

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