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British Gas admits its smart meter customers have been unable to track their energy usage via the app or website for more than two months

British Gas has admitted that millions of smart meter customers have been unable to use the energy giant's app or website to check their gas and electricity usage since February due to a "glitch". The failure has meant people have been unable to track how much they are spending at a time when energy bills have spiked.

British Gas told that due to a technical error the energy usage of its smart meter customers has not been updated on the app or online since 16 February 2022. British Gas had installed six million smart meters by 2019.

The energy company admitted the failure after MSE was contacted by a large number of British Gas customers who were concerned about the problem, although the company said it is still receiving meter usage for customers and that the glitch does not impact bills or how consumption is recorded.

The failure comes as thousands of people have been migrated across to British Gas from energy companies that recently went bust, and as more and more people look to keep a closer eye on their energy usage as costs spiral after the new price cap took force on 1 April 2022. If you're experiencing similar issues, let us know at

If you're worried about the rising cost of your energy bill, see our guide on what to do if you're struggling.

'With the rising cost of energy bills, this is poor'

MSE has seen a large number of complaints on social media and into our reader mailbag about the problem. Here's a small selection:

Make sure you take regular meter readings

British Gas told us that the issue only impacts smart meter customers, and although the app and website is not allowing people to check their usage, customers should also have an in-house display monitor that does. The company added that it is still receiving people's energy usage and bills should not be affected.

If you're worried, you can take a reading from your actual smart meter to ensure you know how much energy you should be paying for. You can also submit a manual reading to British Gas either over the phone by calling 0333 202 9802 or online (you'll just need your name and account number and won't have to log into your account if you aren't able to).

What does British Gas say?

A spokesperson for the company said: "We're working to sort this issue and we know that keeping track of energy usage is really important to our customers right now. They can still log into the app as normal, but the glitch is preventing them from seeing their most up-to-date usage information. We hope to have this fixed soon. This doesn't affect bills in any way or how consumption is being recorded."

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