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Burger King launches loyalty scheme – here's how to get a free cheeseburger or fries

Fast food chain Burger King has rolled out its new 'Your Burger King' loyalty scheme to locations across the UK after a trial in Scotland – and you can get a free cheeseburger or fries just for signing up. But only around half of Burger King restaurants are currently part of the scheme, so some people may miss out.

Burger King joins fast food rival McDonald's, which also expanded its McDonald's Rewards scheme last week.

Below we explain how the new Burger King loyalty scheme works and how you can get your hands on the free food. You can also check out our Burger King tips and tricks for more ways to save money (please eat responsibly).

Sign up to Your Burger King to claim your freebie

You can download the Burger King app for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Then, create an account and you'll be awarded 200 points automatically – enough to redeem a free cheeseburger, hamburger, drink or regular fries. Existing users of the app will also get the points automatically.

Here's how to get the free menu item:

  • At a restaurant kiosk, drive-thru or front counter. Select your chosen reward in the app and you'll get a six-digit code – show this to the person serving you or scan it at the kiosk.
  • Click and collect via the Burger King app. Just choose your reward and it'll be added to your order for free (there's no minimum spend).
  • For home delivery via the Burger King app. Here there's a minimum spend of £10 and you CAN'T get the freebie if you're ordering through Deliveroo, Uber Eats or Just Eat.

Just over half of Burger King restaurants are part of the scheme

Burger King has over 500 locations across the UK, but you can only use the new loyalty scheme at 279 of them – check the full list on Burger King's website to see if your nearest restaurant is participating.

The fast food chain told us it's working on making the format of the list more accessible so it's easier to see if your local restaurant is taking part. We've also asked if it plans to roll out the scheme to all branches in future, and we'll update this when we know more.

You earn 10 points per £1 spent

The app lets you collect points on purchases you make at Burger King. Here's how it works:

  • You get 10 points per £1 spent on orders made via the Burger King app, online or in its restaurants. As it stands, this means you'd need to spend £40 to earn enough points for a Whopper. You also won't earn points on home delivery orders made through Deliveroo, Uber Eats or Just Eat.
  • You can earn points on all menu items. Including drinks and meals.

Points can only be spent on selected items – and they expire after six months

When it comes to redeeming points saved, bear in mind that:

  • Points expire after six months of inactivity. So you'll need to make at least one purchase every six months to avoid losing all your points.
  • Points can only be spent on selected items. See the table below for the full list:

Menu items you can redeem points on at Burger King

150 points - Regular fries
- Cheeseburger
- Hamburger
- Regular drink
250 points

- Six onion rings
- Six nuggets or vegan nuggets
- Six chilli cheese bites
- Double Cheeseburger

400 points

- Whopper or plant-based Whopper
- Crispy Chicken
- Bacon Double Cheeseburger
- Chicken Royale or Vegan Royale

600 points - Double Whopper
- Bacon Double XL
- Steakhouse Angus
700 points

- Whopper meal or Plant-Based Whopper meal
- Crispy Chicken meal
- Chicken Royale or Vegan Royale meal
- Cheesy Bacon Double meal

800 points

- Bacon Double XL meal
- Double Whopper meal
- Steakhouse Angus meal

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