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McDonald's raises the price of cheeseburgers from 99p to £1.19 – here's what you need to know

McDonald's has today raised the price of its iconic cheeseburger by 20p – the first price hike the burger's seen in over 14 years. 

The fast food chain will also increase the prices of several other menu items by up to 20p. It blames the hikes on the impact of rising inflation on its suppliers and franchisees. McDonald's told us it can't provide a full list of how much individual menu items will go up by, as franchisees can set their own prices, with the firm only issuing recommendations for price increases.

The move comes after McDonald's launched its loyalty scheme last week, letting customers earn points to redeem towards 'free' Big Macs and more. If you're a fan of the chain, check out our McDonald's MoneySaving hacks (please eat responsibly).

Not all items will see price increases 

McDonald's says it's only raising the prices of menu items which are most impacted by inflation, including the cheeseburger. It added that prices for some items will continue to vary across its restaurants.

Other items likely to get more expensive include breakfast meals, main meals, large coffees and McNugget share boxes – but salads, wraps and the Mayo Chicken are unlikely to be affected.

What does McDonald's say?

In an email sent to customers today, McDonald's UK & Ireland CEO Alistair Macrow said: "Today's pressures mean, like many, we are having to make some tough choices about our prices. We understand that any price increases are not good news, but we have delayed and minimised these changes for as long as we could."

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