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McDonalds to scrap 'free' coffee stamp loyalty scheme from 31 October and you'll now have to spend more to get a 'free' hot drink

McDonald's fans will no longer be able to collect ‘free’ coffee stamps from 31 October after the fast food giant said it was scrapping the scheme. Plus, if you want a 'free' coffee from 1 November you'll now need to pay more. 

Below we explain everything you need to know and how to make the most of the stamps you have left. McDonald's fans may also want to check out our McDonald's MoneySaving hacks (please eat responsibly). 

Use your coffee stamps or sign up to MyMcDonald's Rewards on or by 31 October to avoid losing them

McCafe stamps will end on 31 October, which means you won't be able to earn stamps when making a purchase in store or via the McDonalds app after this date.

To avoid losing any stamps or 'free' hot drinks you've already accrued, you must sign up to MyMcDonald's Rewards on or by 31 October (we've asked if there's a time deadline on this date). You can sign up to MyMcDonald's Rewards for free via the McDonald's website

Depending on whether you have stamps or unredeemed 'free' hot drinks, this is what'll happen:

  • Incomplete stamps (if you have less than five): These will be automatically transferred into points - each stamp will be worth 300 points. These will stay on your MyRewards account for 12 months.  

  • If you have a 'free' drinks voucher that hasn't been redeemed: That'll be automatically transferred into the 'Offers & Rewards' section of the app until 31 December 2022. If you don't use it, you'll lose it. 
 For more information on how MyMcDonald's Rewards works, see our MSE News story.  

From 1 November, you'll need to spend more to earn a 'free' drink

Currently, McDonald's customers can pay for five hot drinks before getting a 'free' one. The cheapest hot drink available under the scheme is 99p and the most expensive is £1.99. This means you currently pay between £4.95 and £9.95 before you get your free one.

However, with MyMcDonald's Rewards you'll need to earn 1,500 points to qualify for a 'free' hot drink. This means you must have spent at least £15 as every £1 = 100 points, so that's between £5.05 and £10.05 more than at present. 

See our Tea and coffee deals page for current hot drinks discounts. 

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