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Some supermarkets and high street chains offer up free hot drinks. While some are totally free, others require a little bit of work. We've rounded-up some of the top deals for grabbing a free cuppa below...

Though a free cuppa is a great way to cut down on those little unnecessary costs, for some people a hot drink could really change the course of their day. Why not use your free drink offer to give it to someone more in need – something that will cost you nothing, but a gesture that could mean a lot. Check out our guide on other ways to do good at Christmas.

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  • From 7am any day of the week, you can get a code for a free takeaway hot drink at Greggs via the Priority app until 11 September 2023. You can only claim this freebie once a week, and a limited number of codes are released each day so if you wait till latte in the day, you may have to try again tomorrow.

    You can choose one item in any size (regular or large) depending on availability. See 'more info' for drinks included, plus excluded locations.

    You can also claim free Greggs food on a Friday or Saturday (details via the link), but you CAN'T use both codes on the same day, you'll have to choose between a cuppa OR a sausage roll on those days.

    How to claim your free Greggs hot drink
    1. Search 'Greggs' in the Priority app from 7am any day of the week and claim your unique code by tapping 'Use Now'. Important: Once activated, your code will be valid for 25 minutes so only do this when you're close enough to order your food within that time.
    2. Visit a participating Greggs branch on the same day, order one of the eligible drinks and scan your code. There's no purchase necessary, so you can just get a total freebie if that's all you fancy.

    MSE Rhiannon says:

    Most Greggs have alternative milks available on request, and you shouldn't have to pay any more for your soy milk which is important if you're a vegan or dairy-free MoneySaver!

      Cappuccino, Latte, Speciality Latte, Flat White, Espresso, Hot Chocolate, Mocha, or Speciality Tea (Green or Peppermint) About £1.85
      Americano or White Coffee About £1.60
      Tea About £1

      The offer can't be used at: MOTO forecourts at Doncaster, Ferrybridge, Toddington North & South, Heston, Hilton Park, Lancaster, Southwaite North, Trowell, Leigh Delamare East & West, Rugby, Frankly North & South, Donnington Park and Wetherby.

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  • If you sign up for a myWaitrose loyalty card (hit 'Join myWaitrose' after clicking through), you can get a 'free' regular-sized tea or coffee in store every day from the self-serve machine, when you make a purchase and use your own reusable cup. Choose from Americano, cappuccino, latte or tea.

    Some purchases are excluded, for example, 5p bags (see 'more info' below for full list), but a 16p banana should do it if all you're really after is a MoneySaving brew.

    If you haven't got one already, you'll receive your physical myWaitrose loyalty card within five weeks of signing up via the link above. Alternatively, you can download a myWaitrose card via the app (available for free in App Store or Google Play store).

    Then simply walk in with your own reusable cup (see below), make a purchase and swipe your card at the till. Then you can go and get your free drink.

    Why do I have to provide my own cup?

    Waitrose used to hand out disposable coffee cups for this freebie, but in 2018 it stopped this for environmental reasons (see our Waitrose ditches disposable cups news story). For where else you can save with a reusable cup, see MSE Rhiannon's Cup Discounts guide.

    For other freebies, see our full list of Free Teas & Coffees.

    • One free drink per member, per day. Offer excludes hot chocolate, mocha and espresso and isn't valid at Costa concessions, petrol filling stations, Shell and Welcome Break. Can't be used with other cafe or hot drink offers, or the cafe loyalty card.

      Show your card at a manned till or scan it at a quick pay station.

      Also excludes tobacco, stamps, mobile top ups, e-Top up vouchers, lottery tickets, gift vouchers, cashback, infant milk formulae, car park charges, fuel and delivery charges.

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  • When you shop in store at Ikea (find your nearest), you can get a free cup of tea or filter coffee (normally £1) when you swipe an Ikea Family card at the in-store restaurant. Ikea Family is just the name of its free loyalty card scheme. You can sign up online or in store.

    You can get it anytime Monday to Friday, but not at weekends, and Ikea says you'll only need one Ikea Family card to get free drinks for everyone you're with. But of course, staff may raise an eyebrow if you turn up with a coach-load all wanting the freebie.

    See our Ikea MoneySaving tips for more like this.

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  • 'VeryMe' is a free smartphone app for Vodafone customers - it works a lot like O2 Priority.

    If you've got a smartphone on the mobile network Vodafone, you can download a free app called 'VeryMe'.

    Register on the app and it'll show you a mix of discounts, freebies, rewards and competitions that change every so often. It works a lot like O2 Priority but is only available to Vodafone customers.

    Simply download the app and give it a try, as offers change frequently and it's pretty self-explanatory. Examples of what we've seen free in the past include free hot drinks at Greggs or Costa, free wine at Majestic, and free Tesco gift cards.

    The idea is then to check the app, swiping through various offers and rewards until you see something you want. Claiming a reward is usually as straightforward as tapping the screen to get a code to show in store.

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  • If you're a Three pay monthly or pay-as-you-go mobile customer, download the Three+ app (available for free on the App store and Google Play) to get a barista made drink for £1 at Caffè Nero (find your nearest). 

    You can claim the £1 drink once a week on any day of the week, from café opening to close. There's no minimum spend and this applies to any size – hot or cold drink – prepared by a barista (excludes bottled drinks, cartons and cans).

    To get your caffeine fix for a quid, you'll need to go to the Three+ app and select the offer. This will display a QR code which you can then show at the till. A new code will be generated each week.

    The drinks included in this deal are: Coffee (Latte, Cappuccino, Americano, Flat White, Espresso, Cortado, Iced Latte, Iced Cappuccino, Mocha, Iced Flat White, Iced Pistachio Latte, Frappe Crème (including any seasonal varieties and all types of milk and syrups), Hot Chocolate, Teas, Iced Teas and Fruit Boosters. This is limited to one drink per week, per customer.

    While prices of drinks vary on the Caffè Nero menu, some can cost up to £4.15 (for example, a frappe with cream and marshmallows), so you could save up to £3.15 with this deal. 

    You can't use the Caffè Nero rewards app when claiming this drink. This deal is not valid for click and collect or delivery, and it can't be used alongside any other offer unless otherwise agreed in advance by Caffè Nero.

    See other ways you can claim free tea and coffee.

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