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Got an old phone? You may soon lose internet access as Vodafone begins to turn off 3G with others to follow

Vodafone has become the first major mobile network to switch off 3G in parts of the country with other networks set to follow.

7 September 2023

Cost of living payments paid to millions – here's who qualifies and how to claim if you've not got yours

Over eight million households on certain benefits and Tax Credits have received the first third of their £900 cost of living payment.

23 May 2023

Boots to cut Advantage points earned on spending – here's what's happening

Boots is to cut the number of loyalty points shoppers using its Advantage Card scheme can earn from May.

10 May 2023

On heating oil or LPG but not got your £200 payment yet? You can now apply

Around two million people across the UK use fuels such as heating oil, liquefied petroleum gas, coal or biomass to heat their homes.

12 April 2023

British Gas prepay meter users to pay less for gas from 1 April – here's what you need to know

British Gas has cut gas prices for over a million of its prepay meter users this month, bringing them in line with the rates paid by those on direct debit.

4 April 2023

Worried about passport delays due to strikes? Here's what you need to know

More than 1,000 Passport Office workers across the UK will walk out from 3 April through to 5 May as part of strike action over pay, pensions, redundancy terms and job security.

3 April 2023

Stamp prices to rise by up to 16% – but there's a way to beat the hike

From Monday 3 April, the cost of first-class stamps will be hiked to £1.10, while second-class stamps will increase to 75p.

31 March 2023

Government changes how the EPG should be applied to Economy 7 tariffs – what it means for you

It comes after founder Martin Lewis raised the issue with the Energy Secretary, as many Economy 7 users saw bills rise unfairly in January.

30 March 2023

Bank of Scotland, Halifax, Lloyds, NatWest and RBS to close dozens more branches this year – here's the full list, plus alternatives

High street banks including Lloyds and NatWest will close at least 81 more branches this year.

30 March 2023

Bank of England increases base rate to 4.25% – what the rise means for your mortgage and savings

The Bank of England has increased the base rate from 4% to 4.25%. This rate is used by the central bank to charge other banks and lenders when they borrow money – and so it influences what borrowers pay and what savers earn.

28 March 2023