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Gardening retailer Precious Plants falls into administration – what to do if you haven't received your order

Online gardening retailer Precious Plants has fallen into administration. If you've ordered from the firm – including via offers featured on – and didn't get what you paid for, here's what you can do.

The Suffolk-based company, which sold plant bulbs, vegetable seeds and other gardening products, confirmed to us on Monday 11 December that it fell into administration and is no longer trading. (MSE) has featured Precious Plants deals and offers on its site and in its weekly email going as far back as 2014. Our most recent deal was in October 2023. 

We believe the vast majority of MSE users' deals have been fulfilled, but have heard from a few who haven't got their orders. 

Below we explain what to try if you've lost out. For a broader explanation on your rights when firms collapse, see our Company administration guide.

If you paid using a debit or credit card, contact your provider

If an order you placed hasn't arrived or it was faulty or not as described, you may be able to get your money back if you paid using a debit or credit card.

  • If you paid with a debit card OR bought an item costing £100 or less with a credit card, try Chargeback. Here, your bank will try to get your money back from Precious Plants' bank. While it's not legal protection, it is a robust rule, which helps many people get their money back.

    You typically have 120 days from the date of the purchase to submit a claim – so go quick – usually it's just a phone call where you tell the card firm what happened and ask it to do a chargeback, but for easy step-by-step help, see our Chargeback guide.

    We suspect most transactions were under £100, but just in case, if you ordered any single item costing over £100 and paid on a credit card, then you also have even stronger Section 75 legal rights, which you can use to get your money back.

If you paid using PayPal, check if you can make a claim

It's unclear if Precious Plants accepted payment via PayPal, and as the website no longer exists it's tough to find out (do let us know if you did).

If you did, and your item was £100 or less, try PayPal's buyer protection schemeThis is a customer promise (rather than legal protection) from PayPal that it'll refund the cost of items that are faulty or don't arrive. However, PayPal has discretion over what qualifies for a successful claim. 

See our PayPal credit card guide for more on your rights when paying using different forms of payment including buy now, pay later.

If you purchased through MSE and haven't got your money back, let us know

If you bought goods from Precious Plants after seeing a deal featured on MSE please try the methods above to get your money back in the first instance.

We're really sorry to hear about Precious Plants going into administration – we'd had very good feedback on it for a long time. Thankfully, our last deal was a couple of months before it went under, so it looks like very few MSE users are impacted – still, it's always a shame to see a popular firm go under.

If you are struggling to get anywhere though, you can contact us at and we'll see if there's anything we can do to help (though sadly we don't have magic powers).

You can also register as a creditor at the administrator but you're unlikely to get much back

Typically, when a firm goes into administration, it's worth trying to also get your money back by becoming a so-called 'unsecured creditor' (if you don't get it back elsewhere first – card protection is usually far better), though even then it's far from guaranteed you'll get anything back, as you just become just one person in a line of people and companies owed. Usually, if you do get anything, it is just a few pence in the pound.

Precious Plant's administration process is being overseen by Begbies Traynor Group (BTG). Use the contact form on its website (scroll to the bottom of the page) if you want to make a claim for a refund or if you've got any other questions or complaints. 

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