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Age UK

Charity Commission to work with Age UK after E.on ‘conflict of interest’

Age UK has vowed to address concerns around a lack of transparency following criticism of its partnership with E.on

21 April 2016

Ofgem to probe Age UK charity's energy deal with E.on

The energy regulator says it is looking into claims about deals offered by E.on and the charity Age UK

4 February 2016

'We challenged our car insurer mid-policy - it was £40/month, now £16'

Warning: It's predicted car insurance prices are about to spiral up 10%. Urgently check if you can lock in cheaply

3 June 2015

Older people should check their benefits, says Age UK

A third of older people are struggling financially - but many could get help straight away, Age UK says

10 May 2013

Pension age rise 'a bitter blow'

The Government's plans to bring forward an increase in the state pension age to 67 have been met with dismay by elderly groups

30 November 2011

Pension age rise brought forward

The Government is to bring forward an increase in the state pension age to 67, says the pensions minister

12 September 2011

Cheque guarantee cards to be abolished tomorrow

From 30 June these cards, used to guarantee cheque payments in shops, will no longer be accepted

29 June 2011

Treasury Committee to reopen cheques enquiry

Banks stand accused of ignoring the needs of millions of vulnerable people by pressing ahead with plans to phase out cheques

14 April 2011