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Bank charges

Unarranged overdraft fees can cost bank customers £156 more than payday loans

Unarranged overdraft fees can cost bank customers up to seven and a half times more than borrowing from a payday loans

8 February 2017

11 ways to check if you're due £1,000s

Sentinel reclaim letters are being sent out, but it's not the only scandal: PPI, energy credit, bank charges and more

19 August 2015

Co-op Bank customers to pay less after overdraft fees revamp

Co-operative Bank current account customers who go overdrawn will see some fees fall from today, as it revamps charges

15 April 2015

Is bank charges reclaiming back? Martin Lewis thinks it could be creator Martin Lewis says a new court ruling has a chance of reopening the floodgates

23 September 2014

MoneySaver wins 'first' bank charges court case since 2007

Oliver Foster-Burnell has won a bank charges case against Lloyds TSB at Taunton County Court

12 September 2014

Payment bounced? You'll soon have a second chance to avoid fees

More banks set to adopt a 'retry' scheme from September where they attempt to process bounced payments again

21 August 2014

Got a Santander credit card? Check you haven’t been double-charged

If you've a Santander credit card, check your statement as you may have been charged twice when paying by debit card

3 July 2014

Bank charges campaign saves consumers billions

Bank customers have saved up to £928 million a year from the fall in overdraft charges between 2007 and 2011

25 January 2013

Lloyds and Halifax to refund charges after money transfer glitch

In the worst cases, people have been left without their wages paid in, but you can fight back if hit by charges

22 January 2013

End 'rip off' charges, says Ed Miliband

The Labour leader says the Government should intervene on exorbitant charges for savings, holidays, banking and parking

18 January 2012

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