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Bank charges

Banks agree code to help limit overdraft charges

Britain's major banks have agreed not to issue charges when customers exceed their overdraft limit by a small amount

21 November 2011

Beware cold callers who claim to be

A spate of new imposters use the name in a bout of bank charges scams. Beware and report to us.

6 September 2011

Santander still by far the worst bank for customer service

A poll of users shows Santander is still bottom for service, with First Direct the best

25 August 2011

Crunch time for Olympic ticket payments

The 1.8 million fans who applied for tickets for next year's London 2012 Olympics have been told most payments will be taken by next week

25 May 2011

Guest Comment: Bank charges fight still alive

Bank charges reclaiming has largely fallen off the radar but Mike Dailly, from the Govan Law Centre, says it's not over

20 May 2011

Ensure you have the cash as Olympic ticket payments start

The 1.8m fans who applied for London 2012 Olympic tickets must ensure they have sufficient funds or risk getting hit with bank charges

16 May 2011