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NatWest offers fee-free overseas spending until September - but there are better deals out there

NatWest is scrapping fees for spending abroad on select credit and debit cards until 2 September. This is good news for existing NatWest customers, but if you’re willing to switch there are better offers out there for fee-free holiday spending.

NatWest debit and credit card users won't have to pay non-sterling transaction fees on purchases abroad while the offer applies. The fee is usually 2.75%, so this deal makes spending abroad with NatWest a fair amount cheaper. It includes card purchases, though doesn't apply for ATM withdrawals. 

This deal is applied automatically. 

There are, however, better deals out there if you want even cheaper spending abroad

Again, this seems at best a nice perk for existing NatWest customers who are not interested in switching or applying for a specialist travel card. One thing to remember is that this offer does NOT cover cash withdrawal abroad – you will still be charged 2.75% for using the ATM.

Plenty of alternatives offer the same fee-free spending all-year round plus other benefits, including fee-free cash withdrawal. Try our travel credit cards guide for full details on how to get the most out of your money abroad. 

Top Travel Debit Cards with app-only current accounts:

Some debits cards do not charge exchange fees, though for the ones below you'll have to open a new account. The below accounts are top pick accounts to switch to anyway. See our best bank accounts guide for full details. 

  • Chase Mastercard: Chase offers 0% fees on spending or cash withdrawals worldwide and you can get 1% cashback on spending for the first 12 months. It’s app-only, but easier to open as it only requires a ‘soft’ credit check when you apply and therefore doesn’t impact your credit score.
  • Sterling Bank Mastercard: Similar to Chase, Starling Bank offers fee-free spending and cash withdrawals worldwide. It also only requires a ‘soft’ credit check.

Top Credit Cards to use abroad:

These are less easy to open and not available to all. But can carry some great perks for your overseas spending. 

  • Barclaycard Rewards Visa: The top pick as it charges no fees or interest on spending AND overseas cash withdrawals, provided you repay in full. You can also get perks such as 0.25% cashback on nearly ALL spending and five months free for certain Apple subscriptions.
  • Halifax Clarity Mastercard: A long-term top pick as it has no fees on overseas spending and low ATM interest.


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