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John Lewis 'Partnership' credit card user? You'll no longer be able to use your card from 31 October – here's all you need to know

John Lewis Partnership credit card-holders will no longer be able to use their Mastercards from 6pm on 31 October 2022. It comes as lender NewDay is set to take over from HSBC as the provider of the rewards card, which means you'll need to reapply for the new card once launched if you want it. Below we explain what the shake-up means for repayments, any debts owed and rewards balances.

If you're struggling to repay your credit card, avoid borrowing more and for practical pointers, read our Debt help guide.

Existing John Lewis Partnership card user? Here's what the shake-up means for repayments, rewards and more 

As outlined above, existing cards will stop working at 6pm on 31 October 2022, meaning you'll no longer be able to use them to spend and earn points on from this time. Here's what you need to know: 

  • If your card balance is repaid in full, your account will automatically close at 6pm on 31 October.

  • Outstanding balances and repayment plans can continue to be paid off as normal after 6pm on 31 October. Once repaid in full, your account will close. You can also transfer any outstanding balance to a different credit card, if you wish. See our Balance transfer guide for full help on this. 

  • Ask for a refund if your account is in credit. Call John Lewis on 03453 003 833. Once the money has been refunded, your account will be closed. 

  • Regular payments need to be set up elsewhere. Any regular payments or subscriptions due to come out of your Partnership card account after 6pm on 31 October will need to be moved to a different provider.

  • Section 75 claims will continue to be reviewed and handled by HSBC. This applies to claims already submitted and to any new claims submitted after 31 October that relate to spending on the card.

  • Reward vouchers for 500+ points earned in October will be sent at the end of November. If you earned more than 500 points between June and September, these will be sent to you by the end of October. If you have fewer than 500 points, these will be lost when your account closes. There's no expiry date to spend reward vouchers.

You'll need to reapply if you want the new John Lewis Partnership card

The current Partnership card and the new version once launched will allow you to earn five points for every £4 spent in John Lewis or Waitrose, online or in store. In addition, you get one point for every £4 spent elsewhere. For every 500 points you collect, you get a £5 John Lewis or Waitrose voucher. 

If you want to continue to earn rewards on spending at John Lewis you'll need to reapply for its new card – this is yet to launch on the open market, though John Lewis has confirmed that some existing customers have received an email inviting them to apply. This will involve a credit check.

You can transfer your existing balance to the new card as long as the amount is over £100 and less than 95% of the card limit. Existing reward points – regardless of the number – can also be moved to the new card. Plus, if you apply by 31 December 2022 you'll earn triple bonus points on eligible John Lewis and Waitrose purchases for the first 90 days after your card has been activated.

For alternative reward cards, see our Credit card rewards guide, plus our Reward Credit Card Eligibility Calculator, which will show you the cards you've the best odds of getting. Just remember to always repay your balance in full, and don't use these cards as an excuse to overspend.

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