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Vulnerable Post Office customers offered cash deliveries

Vulnerable Post Office customers who need to shield during the coronavirus pandemic can now have cash payments delivered straight to their homes as part of a new scheme

22 April 2020

State pensions to rise by 3.9%

State pensions are expected to rise by 3.9% from next April – the biggest increase since 2012

16 October 2019

New pension credit rules could cost some with younger partners £7,000 a year

Pensioners who live in a couple will only be able to make a new claim for pension credit when both partners are over the state pension age, under new rules to come into effect in May

15 January 2019

Over £10 billion of benefits left unclaimed

Government figures released today show that up to an estimated £10.1 billion of pension credit, housing benefit and income support were left unclaimed in a single year

15 November 2018

Fifth of universal credit claimants still paid late

A fifth of universal credit claimants are still receiving their first payment late, a new report reveals

15 June 2018

All 1.6 million personal independence payment claims to be reviewed - are you owed £100s?

Every person receiving a personal independence payment will have their claim reviewed, the Government has said

30 January 2018

Disabled consumers to get a stronger voice with new business champions

Disabled customers and employees are to be given a voice to promote change and trigger improvements in various sectors

21 February 2017

Future widowed parents face being 'pushed onto the breadline' by bereavement payout changes

A new Government payment scheme for widowed parents could end up pushing parents

3 February 2017

Campaigners raise £65,000 for legal challenge to women's state pension changes

WASPI may seek a judicial review on the legality of the changes

21 October 2016

Pensions to follow employees from job to job

Workers will be able to carry small pension pots with them when they move employer from next year onwards

12 February 2015