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More pensioners can now claim the Warm Home Discount

More pensioners will be eligible for a £140 electricity rebate this winter as part of the Warm Home Discount scheme

3 October 2014

Guest Comment: What you need to know about the new State Pension

There's 600 days to go until significant reforms are introduced to the State Pension

15 August 2014

Separated parents told: Agree on child support or face fees

Separated parents face a charge for administering child maintenance payments unless they can reach an amicable agreement

21 May 2014

Thousands of tenants to get bedroom tax rebate

A loophole means bedroom tax doesn't apply to certain renters who have lived in the same home for more than 17 years

10 January 2014

Universal credit: Most claimants unprepared, Citizens Advice says

Most people who will be claiming the new universal credit aren't prepared for the changeover, Citizens Advice says

6 November 2013

'Rip-off' pension charges targeted by Government

The Government is considering banning all pension charges above 0.75% a year

30 October 2013

Workplace pensions face shake-up - with a crackdown on duff schemes

Your pension could be better value in future with plans unveiled to shake up workplace schemes

19 September 2013

State pension changes to make workers worse off, unions say

Workers on an average wage will be £29 a week worse off under reforms to the state pension, according to the TUC

21 August 2013

Benefits cap comes into force

A cap limiting the amount of benefits households can receive each week, has come into force today in parts of the UK

15 July 2013

Benefits shake-up: Universal credit trial begins

Universal credit, which replaces job seeker's allowance and other tax credits will be launched in four areas today

29 April 2013