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New EHICs now issued without EU symbol – but you CAN still use them until at least the end of the year

European Health Insurance Cards (EHICs) issued in the UK will no longer feature the European symbol. But don't worry, they will still be accepted in participating countries until at least the end of 2020

10 February 2020

10,000+ Brits with no EHIC need medical help in Europe each year

More than 10,000 British travellers a year are having to apply for emergency documentation to access medical care

24 April 2018

Council agrees to take down 'shyster' EHIC ad from its website

A council has taken down an advert for a 'shyster' EHIC site following a call from MSE

11 April 2018

Three million let their EHIC expire last year - check yours now

Almost three million people let their European Health Insurance Card run out in 2017

13 March 2018

Copycat website charging for free EHIC cards is blasted by ASA

A company which charges to 'process' free EHIC cards has been rapped for wrongly implying it was the official NHS site

19 July 2017

EHIC website has crashed - but don't be tempted to use a shyster site

Travellers are unable to apply for EHIC cards as the website has crashed, but don't be tempted to go via a shyster site.

26 May 2017

EHIC application system crash 'in no way connected' to referendum result

Travellers have been unable to apply for or renew their European Health Insurance Card following a technical fault

27 June 2016

Home from holiday checklist - nine ways to protect your pocket

If you've returned from holiday, some simple checks could save you £100s - from flight delays, photos to currency

1 September 2015

The 10 travel must-knows before you go

The great jet-away has started so I've compiled a list of need to knows to get the maximum bang for your bucks

30 July 2015

Jetting off this summer? Act now to save

Don't leave it till the week before, our holiday checklist can save you large, if you sort it now

3 June 2015