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Cheaper spending, hotels, car hire and more: 10 tips to cut European holiday costs

This time last year £1 bought €1.19, now it's about €1.40 – the highest since 2007 - so things will seem much cheaper

18 March 2015

Five arrested in copycat website crackdown

A clampdown on online hoaxers who con people out of money via faked copycat Government websites has led to five arrests

7 July 2014

Google cracks down on copycat government websites

Copycat websites that charge customers for free Government services will find it harder to lure in victims

23 April 2014

Extra cash to tackle copycat Government websites

Extra funding is being given to crackdown on misleading websites that try and palm themselves off as government services

4 March 2014

Google axes ads for London congestion charge copycats

Google has removed ads linking to unofficial London congestion charge sites after motorists were stung by extra charges

26 February 2014

Filing a tax return? Avoid self-assessment copycat sites

If you're filing a self-assessment tax form, avoid sites that charge up to £1,000 when you can do it yourself for free

21 January 2014

Pain for Spain over unlawful EHIC refusals

The European Commission has launched legal proceedings over concerns hospitals in Spain are unlawfully refusing EHICs

30 May 2013

EHIC confusion: a third wrongly think it replaces travel insurance

Many aren't sure what the EHIC covers, new research has found. But if you're holidaying in Europe, get one now

22 May 2013

Warning as EHICs illegally declined in Spain and Greece

Holidaymakers needing medical treatment in Spain and Greece should beware of having their EHIC unlawfully refused

5 March 2013

Paid-for EHIC applicants could get refund

A website that has an NHS URL, but is not an NHS site, offers consumers 30 days to cancel. But it may be shut down

22 June 2012