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Energy grants worth millions of pounds are STILL available to help you pay your energy bills – check what your supplier is offering

Struggling to pay energy bills? Check if you can get a grant worth £1,000s from your supplier – plus how to apply.

29 December 2022

Martin Lewis's energy warning video: Three tips to help you with the looming price cap increase

As the looming energy price cap increase draws nearer and nearer, (MSE) founder Martin Lewis offers three tips that could help you with the rise.

7 March 2022

Scottish households in council tax bands A to D to be given £150 to battle cost of living crisis

Close to two million households in Scotland will be given £150 to help cushion against the cost of living crisis. The money will be given to those in council tax bands A to D, as well as those eligible for council tax reductions.

11 February 2022

Ofgem orders Utility Warehouse to pay £1.5m for failing customers in debt - here's what to do if you are struggling to pay your bills

Energy regulator Ofgem has told Utility Warehouse to pay £1.5m after it failed to support customers who were struggling to pay their bills. This then led some of these customers to find themselves in financially worse situations.

10 November 2021

The amount you can earn from solar panels drops today - are they still worth it?

They cut your electricity bill and pay you for generating too – but the amount you earn drops today. Are they worth it?

1 July 2015

Leak points to solar subsidy cuts

Solar panel gains could be slashed for people who install after 8 December, according to a leaked document

28 October 2011

Solar panel energy bill savings estimate cut

The Energy Saving Trust has cut its estimate of typical electricity savings from solar systems to £70 from £120/year

1 July 2011