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Banks to start checking name of who you're sending cash to online

A new 'name check' service is being set up to tackle money transfer scams and lower the risk of online payments being sent to the wrong account - with some banks expected to start using it early next year

18 October 2018

£2.75m a day stolen by fraudsters

Scammers stole more than £500 million from UK bank customers in the first half of 2018, figures have shown

25 September 2018

Banks told it'll be harder to blame fraud victims

Banks have been told not to assume their customers are at fault if they're targeted by sophisticated scammers

22 August 2018

Fraud alert as TSB customers see £1,000s taken from accounts

TSB customers have hit out at the bank after thousands of pounds taken from their bank accounts

17 May 2018

Lost money to a scam involving a Western Union wire transfer? You can now claim a refund from the US

Fraud victims who paid money to scammers via Western Union wire transfers over a 13-year period can now try for refunds

30 November 2017

Lloyds warning after some Avios Rewards Amex customers hit by fraud

Lloyds Bank customers who have an Avios Rewards American Express credit card are being urged to check their statements

17 November 2017

Banks still failing to protect customers from losing 'life-changing sums' to fraudsters, consumer body claims

Research by a consumer group suggests banks are still failing to protect customers from bank transfer fraud

16 May 2017

Guest Comment: How the regulator is tackling contactless card fraud

Andrew Bailey, Financial Conduct Authority chief executive, says it's working to stamp out contactless card fraud

30 March 2017

Martin Lewis slams 'con' linking him to binary trading – don't be tempted by risky investment

An advert is falsely claiming Martin made money from a type of investment which he would never use or recommend

16 February 2017

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