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WARNING! Now it's not just scam HMRC emails – expect calls too

Fraudsters pretending to be from HMRC are calling unsuspecting consumers – but you can fight back against these phoneys

30 June 2016

Tesco to launch Clubcard 'flash sale' – should you hold on to your points?

Clubcard members planning on redeeming vouchers may want to hold on to them for now

5 February 2015

Apple UK urged to refund kids' iPad and iPhone app cash, after US lawsuit

MSE is calling for Apple UK customers to be compensated by iTunes, after it was revealed US users may get money back

26 February 2013

'My 6yr-old spent £3,200 playing iPhone game' – how to stop it

See our tips to limit spending on Apple's iPhone and iPad, and on Android devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy

19 February 2013

Guest Comment: Why should we pay for OUR credit reports?

Tom Ilube, from Callcredit, explains the importance of credit files and whether other firms will embrace free reports

22 July 2011