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Cost of NHS dental care to rise next month

Charges for NHS dental services in England are set to rise by 5% on 1 April, the Government has announced - so if you've been meaning to go to the dentist, see if you can go before then to avoid paying extra

13 March 2019

NHS prescription charge to rise to £9

The NHS prescription charge in England is set to increase by 20p to £9 – but hundreds of thousands of patients could save by getting a 'prescription season ticket'

21 February 2019

NHS prescription charge to rise to £8.80

The prescription charge in England is to increase by 20p to £8.80 – but many could save with a prepayment certificate

26 February 2018

Revealed: 800,000 could have saved with a prescription 'season ticket' last year

Hundreds of thousands of patients in England are paying more than they need to for NHS prescriptions

9 January 2018

Revealed: The IDENTICAL cold and flu medicines which cost a third of the price

Some over-the-counter cold and flu medicines are being sold at three times the price of identical tablets

20 December 2016

'Misleading' Nurofen TV advert banned

A Nurofen advert that claimed a product could specifically target joint and back pain has been banned from TV screens

29 June 2016

Revealed: Huge price differences between branded and own-brand medicines and generic equivalents

Some branded over-the-counter medicines can cost up to eight times as much as generic equivalents – and even 'own brand'

29 June 2016

EHIC application system crash 'in no way connected' to referendum result

Travellers have been unable to apply for or renew their European Health Insurance Card following a technical fault

27 June 2016

Buying hayfever tablets online? Check they're safe

Hayfever sufferers can save cash by buying tablets online, but there's no safety guarantee from unregulated firms

2 May 2011

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