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EE and O2 customers face 1.3% price rise in March

Most EE and O2 mobile phone customers will be hit with monthly contract price rises of 1.3% from 30 March 2016

22 February 2016

Mobile bills could rise as operator fees treble

Ofcom says operators will have to pay a combined annual total of £199.6 million per year for access to the spectrum

24 September 2015

iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus pre-order tariffs revealed

We've compared prices from all the major mobile providers to show you how to get the cheapest iPhone 6S deals

15 September 2015

Wallet hit by O2 outage? Don't be left holding the bill

O2 says it's fixed a problem, which left some users unable to use their mobiles. But if you've lost out, complain

26 May 2015

EE customers without mobile signal can now have calls connected via wifi

EE's new service automatically detects and uses a wifi connection to make and receive calls and texts

10 April 2015

O2 agrees sale, but there's no change for mobile customers yet

Owner of mobile phone network Three has agreed to buy rival provider O2, but there's no change yet for customers

25 March 2015

EE and O2 mobile customers to be hit with 1.1% price rise

EE and O2 mobile phone customers face price hikes of 1.1% from March/April and you may not be able to leave penalty-free

2 March 2015

'Just been charged £183 for one call via 118 118' – that's more than a sex line

The firm 118 118's adverts once gave the nation a great giggle – yet its rip-off prices are no laughing matter

20 February 2015

BT to buy EE, but no change for customers yet

BT has announced it has bought mobile and broadband provider EE, but customer contracts will remain the same for now

5 February 2015

Sky to launch its own O2-powered mobile network

The move will see Sky being able to offer mobile services as well as broadband, TV and home phone from 2016

29 January 2015