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Cheap energy deals for switchers could be back soon after Ofgem ends ban – Martin Lewis says it's 'better late than never'

Rules that prevent energy firms from offering cheaper deals to new customers could be scrapped in October, paving the way for you to cut your bills by switching supplier.

14 May 2024

Energy standing charges to be reviewed amid calls from Martin Lewis and MSE for them to be lowered

Energy standing charges, which make up around £300 of most people's yearly bills, are to be reviewed by Ofgem.

26 March 2024

Forced prepayment meter fittings to be banned for over-75s and those with young children – here's what's changing

If you are over the age of 75 or have a child under two, energy suppliers will soon be permanently banned from forcibly installing a prepayment meter in your home.

13 September 2023

Power cut compensation to rise to £2,000 – here are your rights if your electricity supply is cut off

The maximum amount of compensation given to households and businesses that lose electricity power as a result of severe weather has increased from £700 to £2,000, as part of a raft of new measures announced by energy regulator Ofgem.

1 September 2023

E.on Next to pay compensation to 500,000 customers over poor service – here's who's eligible and how much you'll get

E.on Next will pay 500,000 customers £8 each in compensation after they struggled to get through to the firm on the phone last year.

14 June 2023

Two million Shell energy and broadband customers could be affected as businesses are put up for sale - what it means for you

Millions of Shell broadband and energy customers could be moved to a new provider in future as the supplier has announced plans to sell these parts of its business following a "strategic review" – though there's no immediate change to your services and you should keep paying your bills as normal.

6 June 2023

Martin Lewis: The price you pay for energy will drop considerably in July

The price households pay for energy "will drop considerably" in July, the energy regulator has confirmed to founder Martin Lewis on ITV's Good Morning Britain.

23 May 2023

Prepayment meter installations banned for over-85s and those with chronic illnesses - here's what you need to know

Energy suppliers have been permanently banned from fitting prepayment meters into the homes of over-85s and those with chronic illnesses under a new code of practice.

18 April 2023

Energy suppliers suspend forced prepay meter installations – what to do if you've been switched unfairly

It follows reports that some households were being forcibly switched despite being clearly vulnerable.

14 March 2023

Energy firms told to do more to help vulnerable customers this winter by regulator Ofgem

Energy suppliers have been told to do more to help support vulnerable customers this winter by the energy regulator. Improvements called for include demonstrating more clearly how pre-payment customers, who may be self-disconnecting, are identified and supported.

22 November 2022