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Real living wage to rise to £11.95 in London and £10.90 across the UK. Here's what's happening

Hundreds of thousands of workers in London will see their hourly rate rise from £10.90 to £11.95. This represents an increase of 10.1%, or a more than £1 rise. Here's what'a happening.

22 September 2022

Workers to be given more rights under new Government plan

Interns, agency workers and 'gig economy' workers will be given greater rights under a new Government plan

7 February 2018

Couples now able to register to shift unused tax allowance between spouses

Married couples and those in civil partnerships can now register for a tax break, which could help them save up to £212

20 February 2015

Living Wage set to rise next year

The estimated 35,000 workers receiving the Living Wage will get a boost next year when it increases by 20p/hour to £7.85

3 November 2014

New tax breakdowns to be sent out

From today millions of people will receive their first annual tax statement setting out how their money's spent

3 November 2014

HMRC admits calculations may be wrong for some who over or underpaid tax

If you're one of five million people who overpaid or underpaid 2013/14 tax, you may be told you paid the wrong amount

9 October 2014

Millions to repay tax after HMRC errors

HMRC mistakes left an estimated 5.5 million underpaying or overpaying their tax through PAYE in 2013-14

20 June 2014

Child benefit cut to hit 1 million next Monday explains what the changes, first announced last March, mean for you and what your options are

2 January 2013

MPs hit out at HMRC chaos

An influential group of MPs has slammed poor service at the taxman's office, highlighting long delays

30 July 2011

Millions more forced to pay £100s in tax underpayments

Miscalculations emerge for 2010/11 tax year, meaning misery for 1.2m who now owe underpaid tax

29 June 2011