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Real living wage to rise to at least £12 an hour

Over 460,000 workers in the UK are set to see their hourly rate rise by 10% due increase in the real living wage; a voluntary employers' pay scheme that's based on the cost of living.

30 October 2023

Real living wage to rise to £11.95 in London and £10.90 across the UK. Here's what's happening

Hundreds of thousands of workers in London will see their hourly rate rise from £10.90 to £11.95. This represents an increase of 10.1%, or a more than £1 rise. Here's what'a happening.

22 September 2022

Workers to be given more rights under new Government plan

Interns, agency workers and 'gig economy' workers will be given greater rights under a new Government plan

7 February 2018

Couples now able to register to shift unused tax allowance between spouses

Married couples and those in civil partnerships can now register for a tax break, which could help them save up to £212

20 February 2015

Living Wage set to rise next year

The estimated 35,000 workers receiving the Living Wage will get a boost next year when it increases by 20p/hour to £7.85

3 November 2014

New tax breakdowns to be sent out

From today millions of people will receive their first annual tax statement setting out how their money's spent

3 November 2014

HMRC admits calculations may be wrong for some who over or underpaid tax

If you're one of five million people who overpaid or underpaid 2013/14 tax, you may be told you paid the wrong amount

9 October 2014

Millions to repay tax after HMRC errors

HMRC mistakes left an estimated 5.5 million underpaying or overpaying their tax through PAYE in 2013-14

20 June 2014

Child benefit cut to hit 1 million next Monday explains what the changes, first announced last March, mean for you and what your options are

2 January 2013

MPs hit out at HMRC chaos

An influential group of MPs has slammed poor service at the taxman's office, highlighting long delays

30 July 2011