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Santander extends PPI deadline after tech issues – here's how to claim

Santander has extended its deadline for submitting PPI claims after its website struggled with the amount of customers contacting it - so if you didn't get your claim in yesterday, go now

30 August 2019

PPI phone lines jammed and banks' websites crash as claims flood in on deadline day

Hours ahead of the PPI deadline, Santander's PPI enquiry form has been "temporarily unavailable" while customers of other banks are reporting website problems and waits of up to 90 minutes on the phone. The deadline to claim is 11.59pm TODAY (Thursday) - so here's what to do if you're affected

29 August 2019

RBS and Santander ordered to fix PPI processes – after not sending proper reminders to 1,000s of customers

Royal Bank of Scotland and Santander have been ordered to appoint an independent body to look at their PPI processes after they failed to send, or sent inaccurate, annual PPI reminders to customers

23 August 2019

£28m+ in student loan overpayments unclaimed – how to get your money back

More than £28 million which was overpaid on student loans is sitting waiting to be claimed by graduates, new figures reveal

20 August 2019

'I claimed back 14 years' worth of council tax for my dad who had a stroke'

A MoneySaver has managed to claim back £14,000 in council tax for her dad – the biggest success we’ve seen in our two-year campaign to raise awareness of the ‘severely mentally impaired’ discount

19 August 2019

'I reclaimed a quarter of a million pounds in PPI'

The owner of a family business has spoken of his shock after making a PPI reclaim worth £247,000, which is thought to be one of biggest amounts ever claimed

6 August 2019

Beware of scam PPI letter which claims to be from MoneySavingExpert is warning users to beware of a scam letter which claims to be from us and tells people they're owed money as part of a PPI reclaim. Here's what happened when we turned the tables and called one of the contact numbers on the letter

5 August 2019

Mr Motivator joins Arnie for last-chance PPI campaign

With just over two months to go until the PPI complaints deadline, the financial regulator has enlisted '90s icon Mr Motivator to join Arnold Schwarzenegger's animatronic head in urging consumers to make a claim

17 June 2019

10,000s risk wasting money by choosing to repay their student loan when they don't have to

Tens of thousands of university leavers are risking wasting cash – in some cases over £20,000 – by voluntarily paying off their student loan even though they aren't earning enough to have to

24 May 2019

Steep rise in payday loan claims – but 1,000s are being stung by unnecessary fees

The number of complaints against payday loan firms soared by 130% in the past year, new figures from the the financial watchdog show. But the majority of claimants are using claims management firms, meaning they won't get the full compensation payout if successful.

16 May 2019