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Scottish Power

Scottish Power and SSE cut bills, but prices are still up

Scottish Power and SSE customers will see bills fall following Government intervention, but prices are still up

6 January 2014

E.on to hike energy prices by 3.7% - switch or fix now

E.on becomes the last of the big six energy companies to hike prices

6 December 2013

Government shakes up energy bills – what does it mean for you?

The Government has announced a raft of measures to cut the impact of social and environmental programmes on energy bills

2 December 2013

EDF to hike gas and electricity prices by 3.9% from January

2.4 million EDF customers will be hit with gas and electricity price rises of 3.9% from 3 January

12 November 2013

Aged over 61? You could get help with your energy bills

Most people aged over 61 are entitled to up to £300 under the Government's Winter Fuel Payment scheme

5 November 2013

EDF to hold prices until 2014, as energy bosses appear before MPs

Energy giant EDF has pledged not to hike prices before the end of the year, as power bosses were grilled by MPs

29 October 2013

Scottish Power hikes prices by 8.6%

Scottish Power becomes the fourth of the big six firms to hike energy prices

24 October 2013

Have you fixed your energy bills? Your questions answered

We've been inundated with questions about switching to fixed tariffs - so here are some answers

22 October 2013

Scottish Power to pay £8.5m for mis-selling – are you due a share?

190,000 Scottish Power customers will be paid a share of £8.5 million, after Ofgem found it guilty of mis-selling

22 October 2013

SSE to raise energy prices by 8.2%, as first of the big six to hike

Over 7 million SSE customers will be hit with gas and electricity price hikes from 15 November

10 October 2013