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Sky Mobile customers who are out of contract to be hit with 9% price hikes – but you can leave penalty-free

Around 1.3 million Sky Mobile customers who are out of contract will see their prices rise by £1 a month, an average of 9%, from 14 February. It's the first time in five years the provider has raised prices on any of its mobile plans, but you can try to haggle or leave penalty-free. If you're still in contract, you won't be affected.  

Sky says it's writing to affected customers to let them know how the change will impact them – but if you're out of contract, you don't have to wait to check if you can save. Use our Cheap Mobile Finder tool to compare the latest deals, including Sim-only and handset plans.

How Sky Mobile's prices are changing

Sky told us "the majority" of its tariffs are increasing in price by £1 a month. This means an average increase of 9% (below the current Consumer Prices Index rate of inflation of 10.7%). It added that it wasn't able to provide a full list of price changes for each tariff given how many different tariffs there are – but stressed that all impacted customers would be contacted.

Those affected will see their price change on their bill from 14 February onwards.

If you're still within your minimum contract period, you WON'T be affected. Sky says this is in line with its promise of no mid-contract mobile price rises.

If you're out of contract, you're free to leave – so check if you can haggle or switch and save

As these hikes only affect those out of contract, the good news is you can leave at any point penalty-free - and given the best mobile deals tend to be for newbies, there's a decent chance you're overpaying anyway.

Here are three quick steps to cut costs:

  1. Benchmark prices elsewhere. Use our Cheap Mobile Finder to compare the latest deals and see if you're overpaying.

  2. Happy where you are? Try to haggle. In our recent haggling poll, Sky was one of the top mobile firms to haggle with, with a success rate of over 70% for those who tried. See our Mobile haggling tips for help with bagging a discount.

  3. Ditch and switch - it's easier than ever. You can keep your number by texting PAC to 65075 to get a 'porting authorisation code'. Give this to your new provider and your number will be swapped over within one working day.

See our Cheap mobile tips for lots more help, including unlocking your phone for free, working out how much data you really need and how to free up storage space on your device.

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