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Transport for London

Clean air 'ULEZ' expanded to whole of London – here's how to check if you'll be charged £12.50 a trip

Motorists driving in London whose vehicles don't meet particular emission standards will be charged £12.50 a day from 29 August as the city's 'Ultra Low Emission Zone' has been expanded to cover all London boroughs.

29 August 2023

London bus and Tube fares to jump by the biggest amount in a decade - here's what you need to know

Londoners who use the Tube and bus will have to pay more from 5 March, London mayor Sadiq Khan has announced today. Single Tube fares will rise by 30p in Zone 1 and by between 10p and 30p across the rest of the Underground network. Single bus fares will rise by 10p.

18 January 2023

Applied for a TfL season ticket refund online? Look out for a SECOND payment

Transport for London (TfL) customers who applied online for season ticket refunds during the coronavirus pandemic and had already had a partial payment have now been sent additional rebates of about £70 on average. It should be paid automatically, but it's worth checking it's come through if you're owed – and some may need to log into their account to get the refund paid as cash

24 June 2020

TfL to shake up Oyster card deposit refunds – check if you can get cash back

Transport for London customers who buy an Oyster card from Sun 23 Feb will only be able to get their £5 deposit refunded if they keep the card for more than a year

10 February 2020

London passengers overpay £184m for pricey travelcards – here's how to avoid paying extra

Over 37 million peak daily London travelcards were bought over the last five years, can reveal – even though they're ALWAYS more expensive than paying by Oyster card or contactless

12 December 2019

'I was charged £700 extra using contactless on the tube' – don't be caught out

A London commuter was shocked to find she'd overpaid by more than £700 for her year's travel after tapping in and out using the same debit card on different devices. If you use Apple Pay or another mobile payment device on the underground or trains in London, make sure you don't get caught out

25 January 2019

Got an unused Oyster card? You could claim a share of £350m

Millions of London commuters and visitors could pocket a share of the almost £350 million floating around on unused Oyster cards

13 November 2018

New ultra-low emission zone in London to expand in 2021

London’s Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will be expanded up to the North and South Circular boundary in 2021

8 June 2018

Millions of Londoners using unregistered Oyster cards - here's why you should register yours

Millions of Londoners risk not being able to get a refund if their Oyster card is lost or stolen

9 April 2018

Eurostar launches direct London to Amsterdam train

A new Eurostar route going directly from London to Amsterdam will be launched on 4 April

9 February 2018