What are the biggest factors that will decide how you vote in the general election?

You’ll get to cast your vote in the general election 2017 on Thursday 8 June (or earlier with postal votes). Yet what’s the driving force behind your choice? Which of the following big themes are the most important influences on how you’ll vote? Choose UP TO THREE…

How much do you spend on a wedding gift?

We're in peak wedding season, and while the big day often isn’t cheap it seems guests are being asked to splash out even more as well. While we don’t know what Pippa and James had on their wedding gift list, we can't imagine it was very MoneySaving... So for each of the following categories, which is closest to how much you’d spend? Vote once per category…

How many passwords do you have?

Cybersecurity has been in the news this week following the terrible worldwide malware attack which hit the NHS particularly hard. It’s a reminder for us all to ensure we’re cyber-safe (see Free Antivirus Software & Scam Spotters for help). Yet not using the same passwords for everything and changing them regularly is also important. So we wanted to delve into that. How many passwords do you have, from banks to social media, music-streaming services and more?

The MSE Leaders’ Debate - Pick key issues for PM candidates

The leaders of the Conservatives, Labour, the Lib Dems, SNP, Greens, UKIP and Plaid Cymru have agreed to take part in our ‘leaders' debate’. Here’s a list of issues, many suggested by MSE Forum users with the type of questions we'll ask. Please choose the (up to five) issues that are your priority.

Should the state pension triple-lock guarantee end?

The UK state pension is currently guaranteed to rise in line with average wage growth, inflation or 2.5% - whichever’s highest. This ‘triple lock’ was intended to align pensioners’ incomes with others'. But there’s now an election debate over whether the 2.5% element should be removed. Those who want to lose it say pensioners’ incomes are now aligned and, as long as they continue to rise in line with wages or inflation, the money could be better used elsewhere. But others say only the full triple lock protects pensioners’ incomes in the future. Which of these is nearest your view?

How much do you spend on your pet(s) per year?

They may provide love and joy, but keeping a pet doesn’t come fur free. Whether you’ve a Kitty, Rover, Tabby or Nemo we want to know how much ewe spend on your pet(s) purr year, including on food, insurance, vet costs, clothes, toys, dog walking, kennels or owt else. Please vote in the relevant categories (or dogegories) depending on the pets you have. If you have more than one of a type, please do the cost PER pet.

Do you welcome the June general election?

Prime Minister Theresa May has called for a UK general election on Thursday 8 June (are you registered to vote?). It's only two years after the last one, though since then we've had the Brexit result and a change of PM. So, do you welcome the June general election? Which of these is closest to your view?

Should parents be allowed to take kids out of school for a holiday?

The Supreme Court has finally ruled that parents can’t take their children on term-time holidays without risking being fined. The case concerned a father who’d refused to pay a fine after he'd taken his six-year-old daughter out of school for a holiday. But what do you think? Should parents be allowed to take their kids on holiday during term time? Which of these is CLOSEST to your view?

When did you last use your bank branch?

Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland are to shrink hundreds of their branches into ‘micro branches’ – with as few as two staff and self-service machines rather than counters – after seeing a change in customer behaviour. So when did you last use your main bank’s branch?

Will your finances be better or worse in two years, after Brexit?

It’s Article 50 week. On Wednesday 29 March the Prime Minister will trigger the start of the Brexit process. If all runs as it should, in two years the UK will no longer be part of the European Union. So forget the economy, let’s go personal, how do you feel your finances will be in two years' time compared to now?