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GMTV’s Money Man, Martin Lewis

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Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis is Good Morning Britain's “Money Man”, appearing each week on the show, giving information on how to save money. This is a brief overview of some of the subjects he’s covered on the programme, including all available watch again links.

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  • Jul 08. Slash the cost of remortgaging.
    Those coming to the end of cheap fixed or discount mortgages will see monthly repayments shoot up significantly; for each £100,000 outstanding monthly repayments could easily jump by £100, meaning you'd need to find £1,000s of additional money. Yet, there is a way to significantly reduce the cost. Read the full Remortgage Guide and get Free Mortgage Advice article or Watch it
  • Jul 08. Best balance transfers.
    If you've debts on credit cards, some of the cheapest ever balance transfer deals have just been launched. By using these offers you'll be able to crush the amount of interest you pay; vital to tackling your finances during the credit crunch. Read the full Best Balance Transfers guide or Watch it.
  • Jul 08. Stop spending!
    If you've already cut your bills and grabbed the best financial products in every area, yet you're still being bitten by the credit crunch, there's only one thing for it: stop spending! Read the full Stop Spending! guide or Watch it.
  • Jun 08. Get annual travel insurance cover for just £25.
    Travel agents often make more money selling insurance than holidays, meaning buy this way and you'd be paying way over the odds. Yet avoid the vultures and follow these top tips to finding your own policy for a fraction of the cost. Read the full Cheapest Travel Insurance guide or Watch it.
  • Jun 08. Grab free anti-virus software to protect against fraud liability.
    Is your computer protected? If not, and you don't have anti-virus, anti-spyware or a personal firewall, then you could be libel if you're defrauded via your PC. Yet, you can get all that's needed completely free. Read the full Free Anti-Virus Software guide or Watch it.
  • Jun 08. Slash the cost of calling mobiles from landlines.
    Using specialist cheap telephone overriders, landline calls to mobiles can be halved without even needing to switch telecoms provider. Read the full Cheap Calls To Mobiles guide or Watch it.
  • May 08. Cut childcare costs by £1,000 each year.
    Childcare costs are a huge drain on finances. Yet the little-known ‘Childcare Voucher' scheme can save you £1,000s on nursery fees or child minder costs every year. Read the full Cut Childcare Costs article or Watch it.
  • May 08. Cap gas & electricity prices to avoid predicted price hikes.
    The cost of gas and electricity is predicted to soar later this year, so if you want to avoid the rises at their peak, and prefer to pay a set amount each month, now's the time to get a capped tariff. Read the full Cheapest Gas & Electricity article or Watch it.
  • May 08. Sever the cost of prescriptions, medications and hayfever remedies.
    By avoiding the big, well advertised brands and opting instead for cheaper generic products, which are just as effective, you can slash the cost of medications and remedies by up to 90%. Read the full Cheap Hayfever Remedies and Cheaper Prescriptions & Medications articles or Watch it.
  • May 08. Use the net to boost your income.
    From making money from filling out surveys, doing your shopping online to earn cashback and getting paid to write music reviews, there are many ways to use the web to get extra cash. Read the full Boost Your Income article or Watch it.
  • May 08. Flog what you've got to boost your income.
    Recycling old mobile phones, selling stuff you no longer use or need and giving yourself a money makeover are all easy ways to get extra cash in your pocket. Read the full Boost Your Income article or Watch it.
  • Apr 08. Knock £100s off mobile phone bills.
    Stop wasting cash on lousy tariffs. Comapre, switch, haggle or ditch for the cheapest deal. Read the full Cheapest Mobiles guide or Watch it.
  • Apr 08. Latest bank charges test case news.
    A High Court Judge has ruled that bank charges must be legally fair, as per the unfair consumer contract regulations. Yet the fight with banks is far from over. Read the full Latest Bank Charges News guide or Watch it.
  • Apr 08. How safe is your money?
    Find out how to protect your money and keep it safe in the unlikely event your bank or building society collapses. Read the full Are Your Savings Safe? article or Watch it.
  • Mar 08. PERFECT Time To Switch: Gas & Electricity.
    Now all six of the big providers have upped their energy costs so the playing field is as level as it's ever going to be; it's the perfect time to compare, ditch and switch to save £100s. Read the full Cheapest Gas & Electricity article or Watch it.
  • Mar 08. Cheapest Broadband.
    Millions don't realise watching shows online could cause them to dramatically overshoot their download allowance, meaning forking out extra cash to cover 'over usage' fees. Yet the cheapest unlimited download can cost as little as £7.50 per month, so there's no excuse for ever paying more than your monthly subscription fee. Read the full Cheap Broadband article or Watch it.
  • Mar 08. Slash Water Costs.
    Are you flushing money down the toilet? Letting cash slip through the drain? Find out how to possibily slash £200 off your water bill. Read the full Water Bills article or Watch it.
  • Mar 08. Direct Debit D-Day.
    Are you a victim of the growing march of regular payments seeping from our accounts for things we don't use? Make today D-Day for Direct Debits, standing orders and recurring payments. Read the full Direct Debit D-Day article or Watch it.
  • Mar 08. Council Tax Re-banding.
    Use the Check 'n' Challenge system to assess if you're paying too much for your Council Tax, and if so, get a backdated refund of £1,000s. Read the full Council Tax article or Watch it.
  • Feb 08. Free Directory Enquiries.
    Never pay the extorionate costs of calling notorious highly advertised Directory Enquiry providers again as now there's a way to dial the information services for free on your landline and very cheaply on a mobile. Read the full Free Directory Enquiries article or Watch it.
  • Feb 08. Cheapest Gas & Electricity.
    Now five out of six of the big beasts have raised the cost of supplying energy, it's time to yell, "Switch now!". Read the full Cheapest Gas & Electricity article or Watch it.
  • Feb 08. Reclaim Forgotten Cash.
    Whether an account's your own or an inheritance from a deceased relative it's worth spending ten minutes to see if you have any lost assets to reclaim. Read the full Reclaim Forgotten Cash article or Watch it.
  • Feb 08. Boost Your Loyalty Points.
    If you take advantage of High Street loyalty schemes, find out all the tips and tricks for supercharging the value of your points! Read the full Boost Your Loyalty Points article or Watch it.
  • Feb 08. Reclaiming Credit Card Charges.
    If you have charges on your credit card for missed payments or going over your credit limit, ask for it back! Read the full Reclaiming Credit Card Charges article or Watch it.
  • Jan 08. Ditch The Debt Webcast.
    Martin answers some general questions on a variety of subjects including, house prices, credit cards and loans. Watch Part 1 or Watch Part 2 of the webcast.
  • Jan 08. Reduce Your Spending.
    Overhaul your finances to save money in every area of your spending. Read the full Money Makeover article or Watch it.
  • Jan 08. New Year Debts.
    What you can do if you are having money worries. Read the full Debt Problems article or Watch it.
  • Jan 08. New Year Resolutions.
    January is the best time to sit down and have a full look at your finances to see if you are overspending and where you can save some money. Read the full Budget Planner article or Watch it.
  • Jan 08. Gas & Electric Price Surge.
    With utility prices rising find out if your bills are going up and how to save money on your gas and electricity. Read the full Cheapest Gas & Electricity article or Watch it.
  • Oct 07. Get The Perfect Credit Card In Time For Christmas.
    With some credit cards offering 4% cashback for the first three months, applying now can give you a Christmas Shopping bonanza. Read the full Cashback Credit Cards article or Watch it.
  • Sep 07. Northern Rock Crisis.
    Media coverage of Northern Rock's falling share price caused many to panic, begging the question, how safe are your savings? Read the full Are Your Savings Safe? article or Watch it.
  • Jul 07. Reclaim Mortgage Exit Fees In Minutes.
    If you've switched mortgage in the last few years, it's likely you've been overcharged by your previous provider, and it usually only takes a phone call to get your cash back. Read the full Mortgage Fees: Reclaim £100s guide or Watch it.
  • May 07. Cheap Loans.
    Cheap loans aren't always cheap, so if you need to borrow money, it's important to ensure you do it the right way. Read the full Cheap Loans article, or Watch it.