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Budget 2011: Income tax to fall next year but future less rosy

George Osborne said today that he will cut income tax in a year by increasing the personal allowance by £630

23 March 2011

Council tax to be frozen in England

Council tax is to be frozen or reduced in every local authority area in England this year, Communities Secretary Eric Pickles announced today

23 March 2011

20-year high inflation fuels rate rise pressure

Soaring inflation is heaping further pressure on the Bank of England to raise interest rates

22 March 2011

Crown Currency Exchange police make further arrest

Officers investigating the Crown Currency Exchange collapse arrested a 66-year-old man at a property in Cornwall today

22 March 2011

Energy prices predicted to rise: should you fix?

Energy prices are predicted to rise this year, prompting some experts to suggest you consider fixing gas and electricity costs

22 March 2011

Thousands more could get tax written off using HMRC loophole

Hundreds of thousands more taxpayers could escape paying underpaid tax HMRC is demanding by using a little-known concession

22 March 2011

Bank of England promises more £5 notes in ATMs

The Bank expects there to be £4 billion in fivers in circulation next year, compared to £2 billion last year

21 March 2011

House asking prices rise for third consecutive month

Renewed activity in the housing market is managing to outweigh the impact of economic uncertainty, says Rightmove

21 March 2011

Energy firms ordered to play fair on prices - Ofgem

The energy regulator, Ofgem, has threatened Britain's Big Six energy firms with action if they fail to make their pricing less complex

21 March 2011

Firms restrict pension choice

One in four of FTSE 100 companies no longer offer staff access to a pension where your retirement income is based on your final salary

21 March 2011

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