Landline giant BT has reduced the cost of calls to mobiles but savvy MoneySavers can make even further savings.

BT is reducing rates on Saturday by up to 24%, though not from the kindness of its heart as it's a result of a ruling from regulator Ofcom which forced mobile operators to cut the costs they charge other firms.

BT is the first provider to make the cuts, with reductions of 1.7p on daytime and evening calls, making them 11.3p per minute and 5.3p per minute, respectively. Yet using your home phone to call a mobile is still pricey.

If you have leftover minutes on your mobile these are best used to call other mobiles at no extra cost.

If you regularly make calls to mobiles from your landline you can often dial a special prefix first to re-route the call meaning you pay a cheaper provider instead.

In some cases you can cut costs by 50% this way, using providers such as 18185 or 0844calls.

The UK CallChecker tool helps you compare rates.

Archna Luthra, consumer products analyst, says: "This isn't a move I'm jumping up and down about. While lower prices are always welcome, it's still possible to seriously undercut BT's cost of calling mobiles."