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BT to charge some £7.50/mth for email - here's how to beat the hikes

BT is set to charge customers with its Premium Mail service a monstrous £90 a year - here's how to beat the charges

13 July 2018

BT to raise prices AGAIN - how to beat the hikes

BT has warned it's hiking some landline, broadband, TV and Sport prices in September - here's what we know so far

26 June 2018

BT fined for sending nearly five million spam emails

BT has been fined £77,000 by the information watchdog after it sent nearly five million nuisance emails to customers

21 June 2018

Broadband adverts to show AVERAGE speeds

From next week, adverts from broadband providers will all have to show the average rather than the top speeds they offer

18 May 2018

Post Office and BT cut landline-only bills

The Post Office has agreed to cut landline-only customers' bills by more than £65 a year from May

29 March 2018

Most broadband and landline users to get automatic compensation from 2019

Many broadband and home phone customers will soon be automatically compensated for poor service

10 November 2017

BT to hike prices in January - here's how to fight back

BT has warned it's putting up some landline, broadband and BT Sport prices in January

6 November 2017

BT to cut landline costs for up to one million customers after Ofcom review

Almost a million landline-only BT customers will see their bills cut by £84 a year following pressure from Ofcom

26 October 2017

BT gives broadband customers free speed upgrades and extra cloud storage

Millions of BT broadband customers are having their internet speed, data allowance and cloud storage boosted this autumn

20 October 2017

Some EE and BT Mobile customers unable to use free EU roaming

Some EE and BT Mobile customers who fail credit checks can't use their UK allowances when travelling in the EU

30 August 2017

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