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British Gas boss defends energy price rises

British Gas MD Phil Bentley insists firms are simply responding to rising costs and cannot sell gas and electricity at a loss

21 June 2011

Consumer Focus likely to be abolished

The Government has announced plans to simplify the

21 June 2011

Controversial women's pension plans pass through Commons

Under new legislation, the retirement age for men and women is to be equalised at 65 in 2018, rising to 66 by 2020

21 June 2011

Government stands by pension change plans

The Government says it intends to press ahead with plans to raise the state pension age for women from 60 to 65 in 2018

20 June 2011

British Gas may stop doorstep selling

British Gas says it won't risk its reputation by continuing to flog gas and electricity deals this way unless the sector cleans up its act

20 June 2011

Low energy users face steepest price hike from Scottish Power

Scottish Power's low energy users face the largest percentage price increases when hikes come into force this August

20 June 2011

Compulsory car insurance rules come into force today

Virtually everyone with an uninsured vehicle is breaking the law whether they drive it or not, under rules that will be enforced from today

20 June 2011

Martin Lewis to head new student finance taskforce

The Independent Taskforce on Student Finance Information has the full support of Universities Minister David Willetts

17 June 2011

Tesco to launch electrical trade-in service

Tesco unveiled a trial this week where it will buy old, unwanted items. The scheme will go nationwide, if successful

17 June 2011

Guest Comment: The problem with energy firms

Adam Scorer, director of external affairs at lobby group Consumer Focus, explains why he believes the market's not working

17 June 2011

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