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Escape energy lock-ins as prices soar

Millions of households faced with energy price hikes can use a little-known loophole to escape from the clutches of tariffs that appear to tie them in

19 July 2011

Thousands ripped-off by unregulated will-writing firms

The Legal Ombudsman has called on the Government to take action to ensure consumers are not scammed

18 July 2011

Barclaycard offers longest-ever 0% balance transfer credit card

Barclaycard will allow cardholders to shift debt to it with no interest charged for two years

18 July 2011

Guest Comment: Shake-up will aid energy market

As prices are rising, Andrew Wright, from energy regulator Ofgem, says a planned overhaul will help consumers find the top deals

15 July 2011

Rents surge through £700 barrier

Average rents in England and Wales continue to rise, as a shortage of homes and mortgage constraints fuelled tenant demand

15 July 2011

Npower axes cheap energy fix ahead of price hikes

One of the cheapest fixed energy tariffs on the market has been pulled by Npower, which marks the start of a major price hikes

15 July 2011

One million more in fuel poverty

Rising gas and electricity prices pushed another million households into fuel poverty, government figures show

14 July 2011

OFT targets copycat websites

The OFT has opened investigations into sites that charge for services that are available for free or for a lower price

14 July 2011

Capital One joins Amex at cashback card summit

The Capital One World Mastercard mow also offers 5% cashback for three months, like Amex

13 July 2011

Cheques will NOT be axed after U-turn

The move, which ends the proposed abolition of cheques in 2018, has been met with joy by elderly charities

12 July 2011

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