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Unemployment reaches 17-year high

As unemployment reaches huge levels, the Prime Minister admits the Government has to do more to help the economy

12 October 2011

Sainsbury's to launch 'Brand Match' scheme. Is it any good?

The supermarket price war is about to intensify as Sainsbury's will launch its new 'Brand Match' scheme tomorrow

11 October 2011

British Gas ends doorstep energy sales

The energy giant promises to only visit a potential customer's home to talk about energy with their prior agreement

11 October 2011

Orange and T-Mobile customers to get faster mobile internet

The pair will update their systems so some Orange and T-Mobile users are no longer denied fast internet access

10 October 2011

Euro crisis: How safe are Santander savings?

The eurozone crisis threatens to destabilise Europe's banking system, so what does that mean for the Spanish giant?

10 October 2011

MPs hit out at RBS and Lloyds over basic bank account ATM access

Two of Britain's largest banks have been told by MPs to justify their restrictions on basic account customers using rivals' cash machines

10 October 2011

Citizens Advice calls for tighter payday loan regulation

Payday loan debt has quadrupled over the last two years, so Citizens Advice is now calling for tighter controls

10 October 2011

Banks' credit ratings downgraded

Ratings agency Moody's has slashed the credit ratings of some of Britain's biggest banks to reflect reduced Government support

7 October 2011

The AA: Car insurance costs could finally fall

Car insurance have risen by up to 40% but there is hope on the horizon for motorists, according to the AA

7 October 2011

80,000 more families to get help with childcare costs

Rules limiting childcare support to parents working a minimum of 16 hours a week are to be scrapped from 2013

7 October 2011