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OFT cracks down on debt management again

Debt firms have been ordered not to mis-lead consumers with unclear information

22 March 2012

Child benefit cut: full Q&A on how it works

The Chancellor partly reversed a cut in child benefit, but there is still plenty of confusion. See our Q&A for help

22 March 2012

Budget 2012: Tax blow for 4.4m pensioners

Pensioners will lose the higher personal allowance they enjoy in comparison to the rest of the population

21 March 2012

Budget 2012: Top rate tax to fall to 45%

Anyone who earns over £150,000 a year will pay less tax from next year, Chancellor George Osborne has announced

21 March 2012

Budget 2012: Cigarette prices to rise tonight

Smokers will be hit by higher duty prices on tobacco, while alcohol duty will remain the same

21 March 2012

Budget 2012: Government could cut welfare by £10 billion

Benefit recipients could lose a combined £10 billion by 2016, it was announced today

21 March 2012

Budget 2012: Personal tax allowance to rise

Chancellor George Osborne revealed the personal tax allowance will rise, but pensioners won't benefit to the same extent

21 March 2012

Budget 2012: Fuel duty to rise in August

The Government will press ahead with plans to raise fuel duty in August

21 March 2012

Budget 2012: Child benefit cut partially reversed

More families will be entitled to help to bring up kids, though anomalies still exist

21 March 2012

Budget 2012 round-up: Pensioners the big losers

While the over 65s will be worse off, low and middle income earners could gain £220 a year. Other taxes will also rise

21 March 2012

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