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Santander safety Q&A: your questions answered

Santander has explained its structure to help calm fears over the safety of UK deposits

18 May 2012

The rogues that ignore 'no cold callers' signs

Charities and political parties are the worst offenders at ignoring 'no cold callers' signs, according to a new poll

18 May 2012

Power prices now UK consumers' biggest worry

Energy costs are now the top financial worry for most Britons ahead of rising food and mortgage repayments, says survey

18 May 2012

Eurozone crisis could push mortgage rates up

Banks pay more to fund home loans which could mean higher costs for mortgage holders

17 May 2012

Euro 2012 football fans risk mobile bills own goal

Fans heading to this summer's Euros have been warned they risk racking up huge mobile bills in Ukraine

17 May 2012

Broadband speed information 'failing consumers'

Ofcom has this week called on internet service providers to improve the information given on broadband speeds

16 May 2012

HSBC U-turn could prevent mortgage delays

HSBC will reverse a controversial decision to only allow its solicitors to act on its behalf in mortgage applications

16 May 2012

Claims body attacks MSE and Which? over PPI campaign

The claims management industry has attacked us for our work to show consumers how to claim for free

16 May 2012

Unemployment down but outlook 'uncertain'

The Government was given some welcome good news on the jobs front today when unemployment fell by 45,000

16 May 2012

Fuel duty 'could rocket' to reduce Treasury shortfall

Motorists could face a 50% rise in fuel duty in future years to cover a £13 billion hole

15 May 2012