NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank customers hit by huge banking problems are now being targeted by fraudsters.

The Government's Action Fraud reporting centre says customers are being targeted by fake "phishing" emails promising them access to their accounts if they reveal their personal information.

If you get an email asking for this information, do not open any links, do not reply to it and do not open any attachments. RBS Group says it will never contact you to ask you to provide these details.

In one of the dodgy emails, fraudsters claim to be RBS chief executive Stephen Hester asking customers to update their information to help a "security upgrade".

If customers enter their account details on the seemingly-kosher website, fraudsters will be able to log in to their account.

Complaints pile in

Meanwhile, beleaguered NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank customers are still reporting huge problems with their current accounts despite the Royal Bank of Scotland group saying most of the problems caused by last week's IT meltdown are now fixed.

The group says 99% of RBS and NatWest balances and payments are now up to date. The problem persists for Ulster Bank's 1.9 million customers, which may last until next week. The underlying glitch was fixed on Friday, but the group is now working on the backlog.

Many customers have not had wages paid because a large number of balances have not updated since early last Wednesday. Many money transfers are also not going through.

Here are some of the tweets we have received this afternoon, showing customers are still having problems.

BertErniesmam said: "Called RBS this AM to ask where money was and was told it was 'in cyberspace somewhere' and will 'turn up soon'"

Rsey said: "I was due to be paid on 21st - nada. Money has been happily taken from my a/c on Fri, Mon and today."

MrsKarenWhite said: "Not even close to being fixed, spoke to staff at NatWest today, they couldn't even access their systems, still money missing."

Nickyc2009 said: "I don't bank with them but my wages still not in my account after 6 days of waiting. No food in my house after today either."

Sam_bonney said: "Online balance is missing and the last week's worth of transactions are missing and put in £300 yesterday but not appearing."