Households need to hurry to bag one of the few remaining cheap fixed price energy deals as EDF is set to axe its market-leading tariff.

The giant pulled its Blue +Price Promise April 2014 deal, which guaranteed prices for two winters, from comparison sites today.

It could go any day for those switching via the company direct, depending on demand.

After Scottish & Southern Energy announced last week it plans to raise energy prices in October, fears were raised the top fixes would be pulled.

EDF insists the ending of its tariff is nothing to do with price hikes, but because it is almost at capacity for that deal.

EDF Blue is not the cheapest tariff overall, based on typical household gas and electricity consumption, but is not far off. At £1,058 a year, it's just £18 a year off the top deal.

However, it guarantees no price rises for two winters, longer than any other cheap fix, and comes with no exit fees so you can switch if a cheaper deal pops up.

Should you fix?

A fix is like insurance against rate hikes. Normally they cost more, but now fixes are among the market's cheapest tariffs and the top deals come with no exit fees. Therefore, millions can lock in and save £250+ per year with no risk of price hikes.

Scottish Power has a cheaper deal than EDF but with a shorter fixed term.

Its Online Fixed Price Energy November 2013 product costs a typical £1,052 a year and comes with no exit fees. It is fixed until the end of October next year.

While that deal is being pulled tonight it will be replaced by an identical tariff but fixed until the end of next year, so two months longer.