If you're planning on going away this summer but haven't booked yet, MoneySavingExpert.com compares how far your pound will get you at popular holiday destinations.

Portugal comes up trumps if you're looking to get the most for your money based on a typical basket of goods.

There, a three course meal for two including wine costs £18.80, compared to £59.67 at the overall priciest destination, Dubai.

This is based on data from the Post Office, which sampled prices in tourist areas within various countries (if you're thinking of booking a trip, see our Cheap Flights, Cheap Hotels and Cheap Package Holiday guides).

The second cheapest destination according to the data is Spain, while outside Europe you'll get the most bang for your buck in the USA.

See the full table of results below:

Where will your pound go furthest?

Destination Bottled beer Coffee Can of Coke 1.5l water 3-course meal for 2 with wine Total basket cost
Portugal (Algarve) £1.28 85p 85p 42p £18.80 £22.20
Spain (Costa del Sol) £1.71 £1.02 £1.02 32p £25.64 £29.71
Greece (Corfu) £2.14 £2.56 £1.49 34p £23.50 £30.03
USA (Orlando) £2 £1.33 £1.66 £1.33 £29.99 £36.31
Cyprus (Paphos) £1.92 £1.92 £1.92 24p £32.47 £38.47
Croatia (Split) £1.97 79p £1.80 62p £36.68 £41.86
Egypt (Sharm el Sheikh) £3.79 £1.42 £1.13 19p £35.61 £42.14
France (Nice) £3.42 £1.15 £3.20 85p £38.46 £47.08
UK (Bournemouth) £3.50 £1.95 £1.60 25p £49.65 £57.35
Turkey (Bodrum) £2.51 £2.15 £2.15 71p £53.95 £61.47
Dubai £5.78 £3.62 £1.99 26p £59.67 £71.32

Source: Post Office. Based on the exchange rate on 23 May.

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