Sky TV customers should brace themselves for price hikes, after its website announced prices "may rise by up to 10%" on 1 September.

It won't give any more information at present about which TV customers are affected, how much prices are likely to increase by and when a full announcement can be expected. (For more on getting cheaper pay-TV, see our Sky, Virgin and TalkTalk TV guide.)

But it posted on its website: "Sky TV prices will increase on 1 September. In accordance with our standard terms, prices may rise by up to 10% in the initial contract term."

If prices rise by the full 10%, then Sky's Original Bundle could rise from £21.50 to £23.65 each month.

Those with its Sports Bundle could pay £46.75 a month, up from £42.50.

But it's believed the increases won't affect all TV customers, and that price rises won't be as high as 10%.

Sky TV customers have to be given at least 31 days' notice of a price rise.