Over six million people could boost their chances of getting credit by joining the electoral register.

A new Government campaign is urging people to sign up to the electoral roll, but the benefits of being on the list go far beyond being able to vote in elections.

If you aren't on the electoral register, then it's unlikely you will get any credit, as lenders use the roll to check out potential borrowers. (See our Credit Scores guide.)

The Government's camapign is particularly targeting young people aged 16-24 as well as people in social housing.

Currently, it's estimated the electoral register is 85-87% complete. It's estimated 6.5 million who are eligible aren't on the roll.

Once you are on the list, credit reference agencies can verify who you are, which can help you get loans and phone contracts approved.

You can complete a form online at the About My Vote website, which you can print off and send to your local council to get on the register.

Chloe Smith, Minister for Political and Constitutional Reform, says: "If you aren’t on the register, you can’t vote, simple as that, but it’s also an important part of being a member of society.

"For example, it could have an impact on your credit rating and your application for a mobile phone contract."