If you're thinking of getting BT broadband to watch BT Sport on your TV at no extra cost, you should do it today before prices rise this weekend.

At present, all BT broadband customers with a BT TV package can get BT Sport – which includes the BT Sport 1 and BT Sport 2 channels – included (see our Watch Premier League guide for info and prices) for no extra charge.

If you already have Sky TV, you can also get BT Sport 1 and 2 added free if you have BT broadband.

But from Saturday, if you're new to BT, you'll have to sign up to BT Infinity broadband to get the two BT Sport channels on your TV. This costs £8/month more, or £96/year more compared to BT's cheapest broadband and line rental deal. You'll also able to watch ESPN on TV with a BT Infinity subscription.

After Saturday, if you sign up to BT's regular broadband, you'll only get access to BT Sport via its app and online player – you won't be able to watch it on your television.

Who's affected?

Crucially, this change only affects new customers.

Existing BT broadband and BT Infinity customers with BT Sport, as well as existing Sky customers with BT Sport, are not affected by this move.

I'm already a BT broadband customer, does this mean I need to renew my deal before Saturday?

No. If you're an existing BT broadband customer, you won't be affected by the change – so don't worry, the football won't go off halfway through Saturday's FA Cup match.

Even when your current broadband contract runs out, you'll still be able to renew it and continue getting the full BT Sport package without having to upgrade to BT Infinity, as long as you sign up for at least another year.

So if you've got a regular BT broadband contract which expires in August, and you want to renew it to get the 2014/15 football season on BT Sport – you'll be allowed to extend your BT broadband contract and keep the whole TV package.

My home can't get BT Infinity. Does this mean I can't get BT Sport any more?

No. BT says it's "working on alternatives" so customers in areas where there isn't a BT Infinity package to sign up to can still watch BT Sport on TV.

What's the cheapest way to get BT Sport today?

BT Sport still has 16 Premier League matches to show, together with FA Cup games. The cheapest way to get the full BT Sports package on your TV today is by getting BT's TV Essential package with its Broadband package. This is £20.33 all-in over an 18-month contract.

What's the cheapest way to get BT Sport from Saturday?

If you just want BT Sport, BT's Essential package with Infinity broadband is £27.72 all-in over 18 months.

If you're a football fanatic and want to watch all of the remaining live Premier League games on your TV, you'll need at least Sky Sports and BT Infinity with its inclusive BT Sport package.

This is expensive, but if you're going to get it, at least do it the cheapest way. This would be to get BT TV Essential with BT Infinity broadband, then add the Sky Sports channels.

Why is BT making this change?

A spokesman says: "New customers in fibre areas will need to take BT Infinity if they want to watch BT Sport via BT TV.

"This is because we want them to enjoy the best possible viewing experience. Existing customers in non-fibre areas will be unaffected."