John Lewis Partnership cardholders say they are still battling to resolve issues with their credit card payments, more than a fortnight after the firm's systems were hit with technical problems during a site revamp.

The card's online account system was overhauled on the weekend of 8-9 October, with customers receiving letters in advance to warn them they would need to re-register. understands the revamp was due to be completed that weekend, but ensuing technical problems continued for days, meaning customers couldn't re-register or pay off their card bill.

John Lewis says it's now fixed the technical problems. However some cardholders claim they're still struggling to sort out the knock-on effects of those issues, and are having difficulty getting through on the card's helpline.

One customer told us she'd been charged a £12 late payment fee despite her being repeatedly assured that this wouldn't happen.

She said: "On 10 October I called to pay my card bill but was told to call back as payment could not be taken. I was told I would not have to pay a late payment fee.

"I tried unsuccessfully to get through to John Lewis on several occasions over following week eventually getting through on the 17th. I paid my account and was informed once again no charge would be made.

"However I received a statement through on the 18th with £12 charge added to my account. A late payment letter arrived three days later."

Another cardholder reported being kept on hold for over an hour when trying to resolve a payment issue.

Fellow customers have been venting their frustration on Twitter:

In a statement John Lewis told us it is "currently in the process of automatically refunding any charges and interest that customers have incurred from the recent technical issues preventing direct debit payments, all of which have now been resolved.

"As part of the recent website upgrade existing customers need to register a new login, which they can do online via the website. Some customers have been trying to register using old servicing details, which has prevented them from gaining access. To help with registration and to support customers in using all areas of their online account we are continuing to update the Q&A on the website on a regular basis.

The retailer added: "We would like to apologise to customers who have encountered delays in getting through to our customer services team by phone. We would like to thank customers for their patience and assure them we have increased the size of the team to help reduce wait times."