iSupply Energy is increasing its standard variable prices by 7.5% today, adding £76/year to the typical dual-fuel household's bill.

The iVariable tariff - iSupply Energy's standard tariff that everyone is rolled onto at the end of a fixed deal - is to rise from a typical £1,014/year to £1,090/year from 1 March 2018.

The supplier has around 140,000 customers - though most are likely to be on fixed deals.If you are affected by the hike, iSupply Energy should let you know. It says it's notified all 16,500 customers hit by the increase.

As it's a variable tariff, there are no exit fees so you're free to switch away penalty-free to beat the rise.

If you are hit by the hike, switch NOW to avoid overpaying with our free Cheap Energy Club.

I am an iSupply Energy customer - how am I affected?

You'll only be affected if you're already on iSupply Energy's standard variable tariff - so mainly those that have previously been on a fixed deal with the supplier, which has now ended.

If you didn't switch provider or tariff when the fixed period expired, you will have been rolled onto its standard tariff automatically.

If you're on iSupply's variable tariff you don't need to wait for it to contact you about the hike, you can switch now.

With this tariff there are no exit fees, so use our free Cheap Energy Club to do a full comparison and see how much you can save.

What if I'm on a fixed deal?

You won't be affected if you're currently on a fix, though if your deal is due to end soon, make sure to switch again to avoid being stung by the hikes.

Use our free Cheap Energy Club to do a full comparison.

"We have not taken this decision lightly"

Rob Gildert, iSupplyEnergy’s Managing Director, said: “This is the first time we have raised our Standard Variable Tariff.  We have not taken this decision lightly, but growing cost pressure has required this increase. 

"Only 9% of our customer contracts are affected by the price change, considerably fewer than those affected by Standard Variable Tariff changes at all of the Big 6 and comparable suppliers.

"Additionally, following this change, iSupplyEnergy's dual fuel Standard Variable Tariff is still cheaper than all of the Big Six's by up to £75 per year based on Ofgem average consumption values.

"For those loyal customers wishing to offset this increase we'd encourage them to switch to our latest competitive iFix tariff, or our soon to be launched new loyalty tariff, iLoyalty."